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Sep.07th, 2014

2014 Neocon Color Review

This month, we flew to Chicago to take in all the eye candy at Neocon, and what a trip! We spoke with quite a few people who agreed that the show seemed more lively this year… perhaps this is what we saw translate into color as well. 

Earth TonesNEOCON COLOR – EARTH TONES: We saw plentitudes of bright and saturated primary and secondary colors, as well as a gorgeous array of earth tones. Wood and bright felt ruled the show, complemented by sophisticated shades of gray. We sense a “farm to table in the office” trend emerging, with sleek and rustic colors and materials reminiscent of wood and reclaimed steel.


Inspired Color June'14-23

Inspired Color June'14-24

Inspired Color June'14-25


Inspired Color June'14_Artboard 1NEOCON COLOR – SHADES OF BLUE: We have to take a moment to acknowledge the comeback of blue. Perfect shades of baby blue to deep electric indigos were everywhere. Meanwhile, drifting away are the bland or washed out navy blue family. We also saw far less teal and aqua this year, which had been a show favorite for some time now.


Inspired Color June'14-02

Inspired Color June'14-03

Inspired Color June'14-05

Inspired Color June'14-04


CitrinesNEOCON COLOR – CITRON: Green has been popular for a while now, but this year the greens are going Citrine, beautiful grassy shades of near yellow.


Inspired Color June'14-07

Inspired Color June'14-08

Inspired Color June'14-09

Inspired Color June'14-10


Radiant OrchidNEOCON COLOR – RADIANT ORCHID: Of course variations of Pantone’s Radiant Orchid made an appearance in varying shades and intensity, thus transitioning fuchsia and purple into less feminine territory.


Inspired Color June'14-13

Inspired Color June'14-14

Inspired Color June'14-12



YellowsNEOCON COLOR – YELLOWS: Primary and canary yellows paired with grays and taupes were prominent as well. We see this as a natural progression of the popularity of citrine and grassy greens.


Inspired Color June'14-17

Inspired Color June'14-18

Inspired Color June'14-19


TangerinesNEOCON COLOR – TANGERINES: While we saw less orange and red tones than usual, we did see them used often as accent colors, particularly with baby blue and grays. When incorporated in product, they leaned towards tangerine or coral tones.

 We expect coral to gain momentum in the next year, given that both the Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams color forecasts have opted for this shade over your more common reds and oranges. And with Radiant Orchid’s popularity, the foray into pink territory will seem less daunting and taboo.


Inspired Color June'14-15

Inspired Color June'14-16


Thanks for reading & ogling! Until next time…




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