Pattern Your World!

Our Story

Geraldine Blanchot and Kristen Dettoni started pattern Pod in early 2013. They met while working at True Textiles, and over the years formed a bond that revolves around their love of design, color and just being together and having fun.

With their combined 31 years experience in the textile industry, they have seen over 1,000 textile mills shut down with over 700,000 unemployed workers having to reeducate themselves for different industries. Watching this happen over the course of many years, they decided to take their fate into their own hands… but what to do exactly?

While working as designers, they noticed that they had an incredibly high output for designing, producing over 300 designs a year each. Customers only had placements for about 10% of the designs produced and the remaining 90% of the designs were shelved, leaving thousands of dollars left behind. The reason for the volume is simply to provide options and variety, so what do you do with the remaining 90%, you start a business that utilizes all the designs you produce – Eureka, we are on our way!

After months of research, the website was launched, offering patterns for consulting purposes, proprietary ownership, and royalty free options for personal use and licensing.

The designs can be used on almost any product you desire and are suited to a variety of markets.
Customization is the wave of the future so jump on and join us for the ride of our lives.

Our Promise and Vision

At Pattern Pod our vision is to Pattern the World and our goal is to be the leading creative resource in design, trends, and color!

Our promise is to provide you with beautiful designs and amazing service. We pride ourselves on being great communicators and putting our customers needs first. We promise to keep our website fresh and updated, while continuously developing new ideas and researching current trends. Check out our consulting page for additional information on our services.

Nice to meet you

After dabbling in high fashion, marketing and knitwear, then working for True Textiles for almost 10 years, she decided, after much consideration and hesitation, to take that daunting leap into the world of consulting and entrepreneurship. She loves the creative process, is mad about color, and revels in the challenge of thought provoking projects. She has extensive knowledge in healthcare design and is a pro at coloring for the healthcare markets, assisted living, urgent care and pediatrics.

Geraldine is passionate about color and design. She loves to travel and is inspired by new places, colors, textures, patterns and cultures. She enjoys photography and keeping sketchbooks with all her ideas. Her hobbies include kickboxing, snowboarding, wake boarding and she is pretty much on board (pun intended) with any outdoor adventure!

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Having worked in the contract, hospitality, automotive and healthcare markets, Kristen took all that experience and took a leap of faith to start a company doing what she loved, which is designing. 
 She is an accomplished designer with 21 years experience in textile design, management and marketing. She is extremely creative in all aspects of designing from graphics to presentation.

Kristen loves the creative process and is having a blast wearing all the different hats a start-up requires. She is infatuated with Claymation, movies, card making, and of course designing! She is also passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer and has participated in over ten 3-day 60-mile walks (walking and crewing) and raised over $30,000 to date.

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