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Nov.01st, 2017

VividBoard Offers Customizable White Boards

Pattern Pod first connected with VividBoard via Twitter in 2014 after Susan Claus, Marketing Manager, noticed us at a Neocon Presentation.

VividBoard, a GMI company, has been creating custom whiteboards since 2002, when they sought to change how traditional whiteboards are produced and used.  By embedding images right into the surface, custom whiteboards were born. These high quality markerboards are used in environments where information needs to grab attention, be displayed professionally, and changed often. Continue reading

Nov.01st, 2017

Resource Design Library for Customizable Products for Commercial and Residential Interiors

Pattern Pod is starting a series of blogs to create a resource library of customizable products for both residential and commercial interiors.

The history of customization is very interesting to us. Before creating Pattern Pod, we started our careers in the textile industry working at U.S. mills. Back in the early nineties, it was more of the Henry Ford mentality; you can get it in “any color so long as it is black”. As long as the customers were buying the fabric, the thought was that there was no need to change. Continue reading

Sep.27th, 2016

Neocon 2016 Product Trend Review

NeoCon is a yearly trade show that connects buyers and sellers in the commercial interiors industry. Kristen and I attend it regularly, and we noticed that NeoCon 2016 was far busier than it has been in prior years. It was an exciting show, buzzing with creativity. We really enjoyed seeing our industry peers and checking out the latest and greatest of industry projects! Continue reading


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