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Sep.24th, 2014

Custom Design a Pillow for Your Next Project

Pattern Pod and Zazzle make it so easy for you to custom design a pillow for your next interior design project.

 Zazzle has great options for pillow sizes and fabric types. You can purchase a pillow in either cotton or polyester and choose from large square pillows at 20”x20” or rectangular pillows at 13”x21”.

 All the pillows come with a hidden zipper for easy on / off laundering.   They are machine washable and are made in the USA.

 As for your pattern and color, just visit Pattern Pod Royalty Free patterns and download your favorite design and color to add to your pillow and any other product on Zazzle.

Here are some simple instructions to get your started: Continue reading

Sep.23rd, 2014

Custom Design a Mug in 6 Easy Steps

Do you love designing but don’t have the technical skills or time to design? Pattern Pod and Zazzle make it easy on you to find a pattern and color you love and add it to any product.

In this blog, we are going to show you how to custom design a mug by uploading a design from Pattern Pod and printing through Zazzle.

One of the great things about Zazzle is that once you custom design your mug, they provide you with additional mug options for a quick and easy change. Here are a few types of mugs that they offer: Continue reading

Feb.02nd, 2014

DIY Napkins: Dress Up Your Table with Color and Pattern

Colorful and patterned cloth napkins are a great way to dress up any table or add excitement to a cocktail party.  They are sustainable and also make a great gift.

Napkins are easy to make, which makes them a good project for a first time sewer.

Here are a few DIY napkins that you can make at home.  All you need is some fabric scraps to get started. Continue reading

Dec.02nd, 2013

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas: Six Stylish, Functional & Personal Options

When you hear the words “personalized gifts,” what comes to mind? Pottery Barn towels monogrammed with a scripty font? That store at the mall where you can get a name engraved onto a shiny metal jewelry box or other trinket? Personalizing an item shows your loved ones that you put time and thought into their gift, but the gift options available have not always been the most useful or stylish. Continue reading

Oct.22nd, 2013

DIY Fabric Wall Art: Three Ways to Dress Up Boring Walls

The walls in your home are the background of your daily life. You have to look at them every day, so you might as well make them worth looking at, right? Choosing artwork, however, can be an overwhelming – and expensive – undertaking. DIY fabric wall art is a quick and wallet-friendly way to give your wall a major makeover.

Whether you want to add a splash of color, fill a blank wall, or transform an entire space, fabric is an affordable and easy way to dress up boring walls. Here are three ways to incorporate your favorite fabric into your wall décor. Continue reading


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