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Sep.24th, 2014

2014 Neocon Trend Review

Welcome to the July Edition of our Trend Letter!

In keeping with our Neocon visit, we wanted to share with you the Neocon trends in office interiors.  We love the direction that the spaces are going, blurring the boundaries between work and home.  The personal and public spaces have so much personality.

We were on a picture taking frenzy, so there are a few photos of unknown showroom origin.  If you happen to know the maker, we would love to update our Pinterest page.


Yours in Design,

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  • Geraldine Blanchot Geraldine Blanchot

    A designer, artist and color "freak" who loves to travel and draw. She also is a fan of kickboxing, wakeboarding and pretty much anything outdoors.

  • Kristen Dettoni Kristen Dettoni

    A designer, artist and crafter who loves anything creative. She is also an amateur Claymation animator and movie fanatic.