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Sep.27th, 2016

Neocon 2016 Product Trend Review

NeoCon is a yearly trade show that connects buyers and sellers in the commercial interiors industry. Kristen and I attend it regularly, and we noticed that NeoCon 2016 was far busier than it has been in prior years. It was an exciting show, buzzing with creativity. We really enjoyed seeing our industry peers and checking out the latest and greatest of industry projects! Continue reading

Jul.02nd, 2015

Neocon 2015 Product Trend Review

Neocon is the largest commercial interiors show in North America, held once a year in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. Buzzing with excitement and attracting a global audience, it includes exhibitors such as Knoll, Vitra and Herman Miller. Hundreds of new products are launched here every year, making it a great place to note design trends important in the contract furniture industry.

Overall, two product trends stuck out to me this year, the blurred line between work and life, and acoustic solutions. Here is an overview of a few of the products that fit into those categories: Continue reading

Jun.12th, 2015

ICFF 2015: Color and Material Trends

My name is Natalie and I have known Kristen and Geraldine for many years, first as a co-worker and fellow designer, then as a friend. When they invited me to help them with their first ever trade show (Surtex) I jumped at the chance!

In between helping Pattern Pod customers and running to the Apple Store for extra power cords (J), I took advantage of visiting ICFF in the pavilion next door, to see what the latest design trends were. Continue reading

Feb.01st, 2015

2014 Spring RTW Runway Review

This edition focuses on the 2015 Spring Runway shows that recently finished up in Paris.  

We analyzed 842 designs from 184 designers in four cities, New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Graphic trends that gained momentum in 2015 are “Topstitching”, “Plaid” and “Digital Printing”. Of course “Florals” always make an appearance in the spring shows and the “Lace” trend is going strong.   Continue reading

Jan.18th, 2015

2014 Recurring and Emerging Trends

Happy New Year 2014!  We are very excited for this year to begin and we have lots of wonderful things planned for 2014.  We will start the year with our third Pattern Plus collection releasing on Monday, January 6th at 3:00 pm.

We have received a lot of feedback and really appreciate your comments.  We are constantly reassessing our product and how we present it to you.  Please take a look at this next collection, we would love to hear your thoughts. Continue reading

Sep.24th, 2014

Trending Padlocks from Bangles to Bags

Welcome to the May Edition of our Trend Letter!

Padlocks are the latest accessory trend.  Designers such as Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Hermes have all thrown away the key!  

We are not totally sure how to translate this trend.  Padlocks reference chastity, safety, and security.  Putting them on shoes and jewelry reference chastity and handbags reference security, but you definitely don’t want to lose those keys!

Padlocks are showing up all over the place and have become a nuisance in major cities such as Paris with the “Love Locks“.


Yours in Design, 

Kristen & Geraldine Continue reading

Sep.24th, 2014

Trending Less is More

Welcome to the June Edition of our Trend Letter!

Have you noticed that things are getting smaller and this is a good thing!  We have decreased the size of our living space, our food portions and even our pets!  Check out the latest trend on “Less is More”.


Yours in Design,

Kristen & Geraldine

Continue reading


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