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  • Douglass Industries

    "Working with Pattern Pod is truly a breath of fresh air! The excitement and energy the team brings into every project is outstanding from beginning to end. They completely immerse and transform themselves throughout the whole process... from the initial market research all the way to completion... leaving no details left behind. Pattern Pod is impeccably unique in their approach and delivery to each project!" - Sandy Anderson, Design Director

  • Raxon Fabrics

    "That you (Kristen & Geraldine) are seasoned professionals in the contract textile industry, and understand the needs of the different market segments, such as Health Care, Corporate, Hospitality, in addition to Automotive. I can attest to the fact that you are both technical designers, with a vast amount of knowledge and experience, relating to weave structures, design/pattern, color, and performance requirements, for fabrics of various end uses, made from assorted materials. With your experience working for mills, PatternPod brings a realistic understanding of the development process and the manufacturing of the end product, without sacrificing aesthetics or performance." - Claudia Rycz, Design Director

  • Abercrombie Textiles

    "Kristen and Geraldine are more than creative artists; they deliver outstanding designs by translating client requirements using substantial industry and product technical knowledge." - Kim Thompson, Chief Financial Officer

  • True Textiles, Inc.

    "I have been working with Kristen and Geraldine in different capacities for about 7 years now. They are professional and organized, yet creative and passionate about their work. They truly compliment each other and reinforce the meaning of team! Working with them is a pleasure and it is obvious they love what they do!" - Irene Miller, Senior Account Executive

  • Edge of Urge

    "Royalty free patterns at a GREAT PRICE?!?! Um.....YEAH!!!!! If any of you have ever tried to make your own patterns, well, then you know how much works goes into the entire process. This site has a wealth of beautifully designed patterns for you to choose from and use for any project you can dream up! Its super easy to use AND they even provide step by step instructions to transform your patterns onto finished products!!!! You can even have patterns specifically designed FOR YOU!!! Bookmark this site immediately!!!!" - Jessie Williams, Founder / Owner

  • Heritage Textiles

    "Organized, strong ties and respect within industry, an attention to detail, firm grasp on current design trends..." - Ryan Carpenter, President

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Through our consulting services, Pattern Pod offers quality designs to suit your needs. Our specialty markets are Healthcare, Hospitality, Contract and Automotive with experience in designing upholstery, panel and privacy curtain products.

Working with the creative duo, gives you the opportunity to work with a team.

Each designer has her own unique perspective on design and color and both follow the motto: research, design and repeat to perfection.

Geraldine has a very playful and sophisticated design approach and her designs have immediate sale-ability while Kristen tends to be very graphic and sophisticated and a little ahead of the trends. Pairing the two gives you a cutting edge sale-able product!

Knowing that every designer has their own aesthetic, they really try to push their personal design boundaries and try new techniques. They both love friendly competition and challenge each other to work outside their comfort zones and regardless of what they like personally, they know that the most important opinion is their customers.

“It is extremely important to us that our customers not only have a beautiful product, but a product that is also manufacturing friendly. We work very closely with the manufacturers providing direction to achieve the best possible results.” – Kristen Dettoni

Color Development

Color is just as important as the design and we both believe it can make or break a product; that is why we don’t take coloring a product lightly.

We spend a large amount of time researching and staying on top of the current color trends. We believe that doing your research and spending more time up front in developing the color palettes, or coloring a product with existing colors, will inevitably save you more time on the back end and increase your overall sales.

Our color services range from the following: recoloring an existing product, coloring a new product, developing color palettes from scratch and color education.

“We are color freaks! We love color and it is so important to us to provide the most amazing and current colors that meet your target audiences needs.” – Geraldine Blanchot

Trend Research

Keeping up with the latest trends in color and design is an integral part of the product development process.

Kristen and Geraldine have been tracking trends for the last 10 years. Understanding that our customers are looking for the most current trend information, we share them in a bimonthly trend letter, our social media outlets and through our blog.

In order to determine new trends, we look at all aspects of our environment including economics, fashion, design, floral, movies, and competitors…to name a few. We take all that information and look for the connections to determine what is currently trending and what will possibly be the next big trend!

“Sharing our latest trend research on social media platforms is a great way to increase visibility, promote customer relations and spark conversations. The information is free so sign up today and join the conversation!” – Kristen Dettoni

Product Development

Not only are we designers, but we are visionaries and relish working with new concepts and products. Both Kristen and Geraldine have spent time developing new products and we have many industry firsts such as the first sustainable upholstery fabric with Designtex / Steelcase for the contract market, the first landscape cubicle curtain, the first sustainable upholstery fabric for the automotive industry in the 2007.5 Ford Escape Hybrid and a patent for “Suspension Seating” developed for the automotive market.

Product development is a very creative process that works well as a partnership.

“Using our creative talents, we can work partner with your business to develop a new product or process.” – Geraldine Blanchot

Project Management

We are not just about pretty designs; we will drive it home for you as well! We understand the importance of project deadlines, meeting the criteria and communication.

Work as a team with one point of contact. We send out weekly status updates with a complete chart and bullet points. We are sensitive to your time, so we keep the emails concise and informative. We make working with us easy using services such as drop box, hightail, and basecamp to keep everyone on the same page and share images and information.

We can manage part of the project or the entire project and will work within your budget constraints.

“We can communicate with your supplier, help educate your sales team, develop a marketing story and aid in the launching of the product.” – Geraldine Blanchot