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Sep.24th, 2014

Custom Design a Pillow for Your Next Project

Pattern Pod and Zazzle make it so easy for you to custom design a pillow for your next interior design project.

 Zazzle has great options for pillow sizes and fabric types. You can purchase a pillow in either cotton or polyester and choose from large square pillows at 20”x20” or rectangular pillows at 13”x21”.

 All the pillows come with a hidden zipper for easy on / off laundering.   They are machine washable and are made in the USA.

 As for your pattern and color, just visit Pattern Pod Royalty Free patterns and download your favorite design and color to add to your pillow and any other product on Zazzle.

Here are some simple instructions to get your started:


Step 1:

Find a design you love and choose your favorite color.

For personal use, choose a design that is Royalty Free at a great price that you can use on other products as well. If you plan on reselling your products, then choose from the licensing options.


Step 2:

At choose “Create” then find your product.



Step 3:

Upload your design, click “Add Image” and choose your pattern from your computer.



Step 4:

Put your pattern in repeat by tiling it. Increase or decrease the size using the “+” or “-“ buttons. “Copy” the front of the pillow, then click on the back of the pillow and “paste” the design.


Step 5:

Change out your Pillow size or fabric type, there are a lot of options!


Step 6:

Add any additional customization that you want like text, then “Add to Cart”!



Download Printable PDF here: (coming soon)

If you don’t have the time to make it, buy it pre-made at

Zazzle often offers great discounts. To receive notification, just sign up for their newsletter and follow Pattern Pod on Twitter. We often tweet about their discounts!


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