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Nov.01st, 2017

VividBoard Offers Customizable White Boards

Pattern Pod first connected with VividBoard via Twitter in 2014 after Susan Claus, Marketing Manager, noticed us at a Neocon Presentation.

VividBoard, a GMI company, has been creating custom whiteboards since 2002, when they sought to change how traditional whiteboards are produced and used.  By embedding images right into the surface, custom whiteboards were born. These high quality markerboards are used in environments where information needs to grab attention, be displayed professionally, and changed often.


VividBoard is proud to be a family-owned, made in the USA company. Everything produced by VividBoard is manufactured in the US. This allows them to provide exceptional service to their customers, their employees and their community. It allows them to innovate easily and quickly, responding to the market, getting their products to their customers as they expect them, and delivering on a quality product that will last.

Over the last few years, VividBoard have seen significant growth in the healthcare market segment, and this continues to be a focus for them. With the continued focus on patient satisfaction, whiteboards are an easy and integral piece to the patient room. Patient room boards allow nurses and caregivers to better treat and communicate with their patients.

Studies have shows that the use of whiteboards significantly increased the proportion of patients who knew their physician, their goals for admission and their estimated discharge date. Using customized whiteboards, nurses easily scan display information for their patients, reducing patient inquiries, calls, treatment errors and patient anxiety.

For VividBoard customization is at the core of what they do which is tailored communication solutions for their healthcare customers. With Pattern Pod’s expertise in healthcare colors, trends, and pattern design, it was a natural fit to add Pattern Pod designs to VividBoard’s offering. Susan states, “We’re excited to be able to complement interior spaces of healthcare facilities with your designs.”

It is extremely easy to customize with VividBoard. Just head to their website and choose your design and product. They will then combine your chosen pattern and requested colors on your selected board and provide you with a mock up for approval.

The market is continually growing with the investment in healthcare, so VividBoard will continue to service this market and innovate for them with their tailored communication solutions.

VividBoard is the preferred patient room board supplier in the industry. Their InHarmony Changeable Glassboard won Silver at the Healthcare Design Conference in 2015 and they have entered again this year with an innovative new design!

You can find them at this years Healthcare Design Conference at booth 1337.


Customize your white board today!


Learn more about VividBoard and their company values:


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